Apples with Pumpkin Butter (Plus Coconut + Cacao Nibs)

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This is really such a simple twist on an old favorite. There are an infinite number of memes for vegans or plant-based folks about just eating off of the sides menu, and it’s true. But to be fair, a few tablespoons of this pumpkin seed butter is enough to fill you up for a few hours, and there’s no reason why this can’t be breakfast. I secretly think plant-based food is about minimalism. You don’t need (or want, for that matter) to spend an hour in the kitchen to eat and feel healthy. Just make the best choices for you, your home, your budget and your body for that matter, and fill up with that. Then you can cut the fillers and just get full, naturally. Just start by making small and better choices a day at a time. It’s so easy, skip the cereal and pop some greens in the blender, chop up an apple with some nut butter and cocoa nibs and you’ve just gotten enough vitamins to brag about and keep you sustained throughout the morning. You won’t even need anything fancy, and little changes make all the difference.

Apples with Pumpkin Seed Butter.jpg

This is seriously, so good, and easy. I’m looking around to see if I have fuji apple lying around to chop up and put it together really fast. It’s crunchy, savory and sweet, all-natural, full of antioxidants, vegan, and zero sugar added.

Prep Cook Total

5 mins 5mins 10 mins

Here’s what you’ll need:

Apples with Pumpkin Butter (Plus Coconut + Cocoa Nibs)

Makes about 20 slices


  • Chop your apple into very thin pieces

  • Spread a generous amount of pumpkin seed butter

  • Top with cocoa nibs and coconut chips, you may need to crumple the coconut chips in your hands before using them, some pieces can be kind of big

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