Growing Sprouts Two Ways


True Leaf Market sent over these sprouting kits along with tons of seeds. Right now, I’m using their Hydroponic Microgreens Kit and their Deluxe Sprouting Kit. Basically if you’re all organic and non-GMO, or making a positive difference in the world, or making a healthy product I’m down to work together.

Both are super easy to use but I think I preferred the Deluxe Kit because of the simplicity. While the Hydroponic Kit is a little bit more advanced. It comes with a spray bottle and pH strips for making sure your water is at ideal levels for growing sprouts.

Why sprout? Well it’s basically like getting all the nutrients from the entire plant. There’s a reason there are so many superfoods that are seeds: chia, hemp, sesame, and pumpkin just to name a few. These seeds have the ability to rebuild a whole new plant so they’re packed with everything you need to be healthy. You get all of that nutrition, plus the fresh chlorophyll from these tiny little plants.

I’ll start with what I learned in the hydro kit because, like I said, it’s a little bit more complicated.

  1. Water pH is important and a tiny bit fickle. It’s easy to go too far in either direction. The instructions recommend starting with filtered water and adding a little lemon or baking soda depending on where your pH needs to go from there. Start slow here because a tiny bit of lemon juice changed the pH of my water significantly. I’d imagine the same is true for the baking soda. It’s easy to go too far.

  2. Make sure the grow pads they grow on are fully saturated before you deposit the seeds. The seeds shouldn’t be rolling around at all. They should stick right away to the pad. Also, try and keep them as spaced out as you can.

  3. You start the sprouts with the lid on and you’ll want to take off the lid as soon as your sprouts start to take root. They’ll need sunshine to keep going. They won’t all begin to sprout at the same time, but take the lid off when the first ones take root. The rest will follow.

  4. You’ll want to water 2x a day throughout. Again the pads underneath need to stay saturated—if they begin to dry out, the plants will dry out.

  5. Just a tip: You can use either sprouting kit to start plants inside, especially if you live in a harsh climate. Then move the plants outdoors to grow new produce.


The Deluxe Kit like I said is a lot simpler. Basically you soak your seeds overnight (not all varieties need this) then rinse them twice per day. They’ll grow on their own from there. This one also comes with three trays and enough seeds to make over 100 pounds of sprouts. Like I said it’s a lot simpler, and I even rinsed with tap water.


A few quick tips, it’s important to rinse twice a day to keep them healthy and prevent any mold growth. This is less of a tip and more of a bonus, you can plant these sprouts outside after growing them and have a series of new plants for whatever season you’re gardening in.