Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub with Cedar Wood and Ylang Ylang

(This post contains affiliate links.)

(This post contains affiliate links.)

I was so inspired by the smell of The Happy Buddha Body Scrub by The Rituals. It has a mix of citrus smells, alongside cedar wood. It’s really warming and refreshing and worth recreating at home. So that is just what I’m trying to do today. I bought the oils from Vitruvi because they have a super authentic and long lasting scent. Plus they’re organic when possible. I like all of that. I’m really surprised by my infatuation with cedar wood these days, just warm, grounding, and comforting smell that I can’t really get past. Some days I just take a few drops in my hands and rub them together before I get in the shower. Magical, I mean it.

For this scrub I used three different kinds of oils: avocado, coconut, and almond. You can just as easily sub your one favorite for the three or do one and a half tablespoons of two. I really love using different kinds of oils in body scrubs because they each carry their own unique blueprint, and you can gleam the benefits from all three without being over powered by oil. This is light enough to use everyday. I don’t usually exfoliate everyday, but I do find myself grabbing a handful of this for my hands and feet whenever I’m in the shower.

Sugar Scrub 6.jpg

Here’s what you’ll need:

Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub 


  • Put sugar aside in a large bowl

  • In a separate bowl blend all wet ingredients, including essential oils

  • Mix in wet ingredients to dry ingredients until all the sugar is blended and coated

  • Store in a container in the shower until ready to use

Sugar Scrub 7.jpg
Sugar Scrub 8.jpg

Like with most beauty products containing any oil, it will leave a little film on your tub. Don't worry it won’t stain, even with the orange pigment. I use a light daily shower cleaner after I use anything oily on my skin. Just so it’s nice and fresh next time I get in.