Tulsi Rose Homemade Bath Bombs

(This post contains affiliate links)

(This post contains affiliate links)

So, these homemade bath bombs are pretty simple to make. I only wish I’d made bigger batch. This recipe only makes about 4 big ones. But they are big and fizzy and smell like a cup of tea. I made these bath bombs with Tulsi Rose tea, because it’s my absolute favorite. I luckily found a bunch of them on sale for $1 at the grocery store near my house. Normally, I have to hop on Amazon to buy them. The regular variety is pretty easy to come by, but the rose and raspberry peach varieties are a little more elusive. I think they’re super worth the extra trip, or Amazon scroll. One of the big benefits of Tulsi is that is soothes adrenal glands. Something we could probably all use a little of that by the end of the day. I added a few drops of rosehip and lemon essential oil to make it extra rosy, and bright. To moisturize these guys I used almond oil which you can just as easily sub for coconut if that’s what you have on hand. Tulsi will not stain your tub, I made my first batch with a little bit of hibiscus tea and it started to stain purple as soon as I got out. I quickly modified. This recipe will leave a bit of tea in your tub, which probably isn’t a surprise, and rose petals will stain a little if you let them set. I always spray down the tub with some daily shower cleaner, just cause it makes cleaning it that much easier. Just a quick tip to make life simpler. An ounce of prevention. If the idea of tea in your tub doesn’t sound that relaxing, go ahead and sub Tulsi extract, same soothing benefits, less to clean.

Aside from post bath cleanup the trickiest part of bath bombs is getting the moisture part right. You need to get just the right amount of water to get them to stick, and you have to add it in slowly. It’s not all that complicated, but just be a little bit patient. You want your mix to have about the same texture as pie crust. It can form into a little ball with your hands but it is also basically crumbly. When these bath bombs are done setting and after they’re out of the mold, just make sure they’re all the way dry on the surface and then you can stack them in cute decorative baskets in your bathroom or give them away as gifts.

Bath Bombs 2.jpg

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tulsi Rose Bath Bombs


  • Cut open your teabags and Put loose tea in a small bowl

  • Mix up all dry ingredients, plus tea

  • In a separate bowl mix up essential oils, water, and almond oil

  • While mixing, slowly add wet ingredients to dry ingredients, and mix until it’s nice and blended. You want to add the water slowly because it will activate the other ingredients. If it starts to fizz up a bit, stop adding water and just keep mixing the dry ingredients until it’s blended. This will stop it from activating.

  • Add rose petals the topside of your mold before adding the mixture.

  • Put the mix in both sides of your mold. You’ll want it pretty tightly packed and a little heaping.

  • Put the two sides together, twist until it’s packed tight, and if a little falls out the edges it’s no big deal.

  • Let set for an hour to overnight.

  • To get the bath bombs out, you’ll want to tap the bottom lightly (like a cake) and then they’ll just pop out. I took a few of mine out immediately and they were a little soft. I Just set them on the counter to dry. You’ll definitely have safer go of it if you let them set a while. Although if you have to see one right away, you’ll probably still be fine.

  • To use: just add them to warm bathwater and let them dissolve.

Bath Bombs 3.jpg